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Sympa Care is a leading NDIS disability company within the country offering the best support and assistance towards people with disability. We are perhaps the only disability service providers who provide a comprehensive approach towards helping people with disability lead more enriching and fulfilling lives.

We are on a mission to empower every individual with disability and give them tailored care as we fully appreciate that every person’s needs and concerns are unique and different from others.

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Sympa Care

Independent Disability Services Framework

How Can We Help and Make a Difference?

As one of the mature and seasoned service providers for disability in Australia, Sympa Care has a range of different services and features which allows individuals to associate with us for all their requirements. As an NDIS registered Disability Company, we follow all norms and guidelines as laid out by the government to ensure we are transparent in our act at all times.

We carry out all our duties in an empathetic manner as well as maintain a holistic approach towards every case allowing for everyone to live their life with confidence and joy.

Sympa Care
The Truly Diverse Disability Company

Browse our Range of Services

Personal support

If you are searching for Personal Support Services then look no further! Sympa Care is amongst the best disability service providers to help individuals with disability connect with care and support workers in your locality who can assist you in the best way possible since they are trained in providing excellent personal care.

Domestic support

We connect you with domestic care and support workers to assist you at your home or living space.

Support coordination

Our company assists disabled individuals and coordinates their needs with professionals such as care managers, doctors, therapists, teachers and consultants who also know them and care for them at a personal level.

Community access

We also help you associate with network of groups and organizations who will offer sufficient opportunities for social interaction.

Complete Sympa Care Details - Service Providers for Disability

Sympa Care is rated amongst the best disability companies since we ensure:

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Customized Plan

              To take care of needs of every individual in a way which suits them best.

Empathy in Conduct

              We care for disabled people which make us an empathetic independent disability services company in Australia.

Get Moving and that too fast!

Again, we are amongst the few disability companies which helps people get in touch with professionals from dance and adventure domains to give you more options to help you stay occupied.

Partnering in your well-being

We always strive for your care as a disability company.

Live and thrive

How Sympa Care Works?

We are one of the best professionally managed service providers for disability in the country since we have a team of skilled staff and personnel who take their work above everything else and carry their duties and responsibilities in an efficient and effective manner.

Our working methodology includes:

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Our working methodology includes:

1. Search for a Support Work Staff

Search for independent support worker I your locality that we verify and check for your comfort. You can also refine your search by availability, skills and interests.

2. Fix a Meeting

You can move further and schedule a meeting with your chosen list of support workers and discuss timings, rates e.t.c.

3. Make sure you are Secured

Liaise with us to ensure that you are completely secured and can proceed to build your network of support teams.


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2,394 Ratings
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Trusted disability support care workers by melbourne community, near your location.

Satisfied faces of happy members

Our disability support care workers are dedicated to providing care "with love". We work closely with you and your family members on a special support, helping you get the most out of life. One of the best disability companies you ever seen.

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