NDIS Registration Groups

NDIS Registration Groups are categories or clusters of support and services that are used to classify and allocate funding to NDIS participants. These groups help streamline the process of identifying the specific services and supports required by individuals with disabilities. By organizing services into groups, it becomes easier to access the right support and funding.

Services We Provide For NDIS Registration Groups

Disability Home Support

0101 - Accommodation/Tenancy

0103 - Assistive Product-Personal Care/Safety

0105 - Personal Mobility Equipment

0106 – Assist-Life Stage, Transition

0107 - Assist-Personal Activities

0108 - Assist-Travel/Transport

0112 - Assistive Equip-Recreation

0115 - Daily Tasks/Shared Living

0116 – Innovative Community Participation

0117 – Development- Life Skills

0120 - Household Tasks

0123 - Assistive Prod-Household Task

0124 - Communications & Info Equipment

0125 - Participate Community

0136 – Group/Centre Activities


We welcome the possibility to review just how Sympa Care can assist you live the life you desire.


The costs you pay depend upon the solutions and support you choose and also reflect those allocated by the funding firm (NDIS). We will certainly discuss an individual arrangement, tailored to fulfil your special needs. There are no surprise charges, and we provide a simple to follow approval and settlement process, with month-to-month statements.

Independent disability services
Disability Service Providers

Sympa Care

Explore our Disability Home Support services

Sympa Care is an NDIS  disability home support service provider. It is an ambitious organisation towards our goal of allowing people with disabilities to live independently in the community.

Personal support

Are you looking for personal support? Sympa Care connects you with care and support workers in your community who are trained to provide personal care. You can find trusted care and support workers near you.

Domestic support

Are you looking for domestic support? Sympa Care connects you with care and support workers in your community. You can find trusted care and support workers near you.

Support coordination

Do you want someone to organise your support? Sympa Care helps coordinate your needs with other professionals such as doctors, school principals, consultants, case managers etc., who are involved in your life or that of a loved one. You'll get professional advice from people who know what's best for you.

Community access

Do you want to be part of a community? Sympa Care connects you to a network of individuals, groups, organisations and agencies which provide information, education or advocacy on disability issues or offer opportunities for social interaction.

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