Assist-Life Stage and Transition (0106 )

NDIS Registration Group 0106, labeled "Assist-Life Stage, Transition," is a crucial component of the NDIS service offerings. This category primarily focuses on providing support and assistance to NDIS participants during significant life stages and transitions. These transitions may include moving from school to adulthood, shifting from the family home to independent living, or adapting to major life changes.

Services Covered by NDIS Registration Group 0106

Disability Home Support

Participants in this category can access services that help them develop essential life skills. This can include learning how to manage finances, cook, clean, and maintain personal hygiene. These skills are critical for participants striving for independence.

NDIS Registration Group 0106 supports individuals in developing social skills and engaging with their community. This can involve activities to help participants build relationships, participate in community events, and become more integrated into society.

It's essential for NDIS participants to maintain their physical and mental health. Services provided under this group may include assistance in managing healthcare appointments, maintaining a fitness routine, and accessing mental health services.

This category also extends to supporting participants in transitioning to further education and employment. Services can include career counseling, job training, and assistance with finding suitable educational programs or job opportunities.

NDIS Registration Group 0106 can provide guidance and support to individuals looking to transition to independent living. This can involve assistance in finding suitable accommodation, setting up a new living space, and managing household responsibilities.

Life is full of unexpected changes. This group is designed to offer support and guidance when individuals face significant life events, such as marriage, parenthood, or dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Who Can Benefit from NDIS Registration Group 0106?

This registration group is particularly beneficial for individuals with disabilities who are navigating important life transitions. It can provide the support needed to foster independence, develop essential life skills, and successfully adapt to new life stages.

Examples of individuals who may benefit from NDIS Registration Group 0106 include:

Young adults with disabilities transitioning from school to independent living or further education.

People with disabilities moving out of their family home and into supported or independent accommodation.

Individuals experiencing significant life changes that require guidance and support.

How to Access NDIS Registration Group 0106 Services

Accessing services under NDIS Registration Group 0106 is typically done in collaboration with your NDIS plan and a qualified NDIS provider. The process may involve assessment, goal-setting, and the creation of a plan that outlines the specific support services required.


The NDIS is committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities receive the support they need to live fulfilling and independent lives, and NDIS Registration Group 0106 plays a vital role in achieving this goal.

Sympa Care's NDIS 0106 Transition Support

As a leading NDIS service provider, Sympa Care recognises the significance of NDIS Registration Group 0106 – Assist-Life Stage, Transition. Our services encompass a broad spectrum of support to empower NDIS participants as they navigate crucial life transitions. From cultivating vital life skills to fostering community engagement and successful life stage transitions, our offerings pave the way for enhanced independence and an improved quality of life.

Choosing Sympa Care as your NDIS service provider for Registration Group 0106 – Assist-Life Stage

Disability Service Providers

Sympa Care is a seasoned expert in NDIS services, with years of experience in helping individuals navigate life transitions. Our knowledge and dedication to this field are unmatched.

We offer a holistic range of services under NDIS Registration Group 0106. Whether it's skill development, community engagement, or successful life stage transitions, we provide comprehensive support tailored to individual needs.

At Sympa Care, we understand that each person's journey is unique. We work closely with NDIS participants to develop personalised plans that cater to their specific goals and aspirations.

Our core mission is to empower NDIS participants to lead more independent lives. We provide the tools and guidance necessary to enhance skills, build social networks, and successfully transition through life stages.

Sympa Care is proud to have a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Our compassionate staff is committed to providing the highest level of care.

We place the participant at the centere of everything we do. Your needs, goals, and well-being are our top priorities, and we work collaboratively to achieve your objectives.

Sympa Care is committed to delivering services of the highest quality. We continually assess and improve our programs to ensure the best outcomes for our participants.

Transparency and ethical practices are at the core of our service delivery. We keep participants informed and involved in the decision-making process while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Our success is measured by the positive impact we create in the lives of NDIS participants. We are dedicated to improving your quality of life and helping you achieve your aspirations.

We are here to make the NDIS Registration Group 0106 services easily accessible to those who need them. Our flexible approach ensures you receive the support you require when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about NDIS Registration Group 0106 – Assist-Life Stage, Transition

NDIS Registration Group 0106 is a category within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) that focuses on providing support to NDIS participants during significant life transitions. It includes services to help individuals develop essential life skills, engage with their community, and navigate important life changes.

NDIS participants who are experiencing life transitions, such as moving from school to adulthood, transitioning to independent living, or facing major life changes, may be eligible for services under this group.

The support services offered under NDIS Registration Group 0106 can include life skills development, community engagement, assistance with health and well-being, education and employment support, housing and accommodation guidance, and help with major life changes.

To access services under NDIS Registration Group 0106, you need to have an NDIS plan and work with an NDIS service provider like Sympa Care. Your NDIS provider will help you create a plan that outlines the specific support services you require.

Yes, services under this group are personalised to meet the unique needs and goals of each NDIS participant. The aim is to provide support that aligns with individual aspirations and requirements.

Yes, NDIS Registration Group 0106 offers services to assist young adults with disabilities as they transition from school to adulthood, helping them develop necessary life skills and plan for their future.

NDIS 0106 provides housing and accommodation assistance, helping individuals with disabilities find suitable living arrangements and offering guidance on setting up a new living space.

Yes, NDIS 0106 includes services to assist individuals when they encounter significant life changes, ensuring they have the guidance and support needed during these transitions.

You can choose a service provider by researching and contacting NDIS-registered providers in your area. Consider factors like their experience, expertise, and commitment to personalised care.

To learn more about Sympa Care's services under NDIS Registration Group 0106 – Assist-Life Stage, Transition, you can visit our website, contact our team, or request a consultation to discuss your specific needs and how we can assist you.

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We welcome the possibility to review just how Sympa Care can assist you live the life you desire.


The costs you pay depend upon the solutions and support you choose and also reflect those allocated by the funding firm (NDIS). We will certainly discuss an individual arrangement, tailored to fulfil your special needs. There are no surprise charges, and we provide a simple to follow approval and settlement process, with month-to-month statements.

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Sympa Care is an NDIS  disability home support service provider. It is an ambitious organisation towards our goal of allowing people with disabilities to live independently in the community.

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Are you looking for domestic support? Sympa Care connects you with care and support workers in your community. You can find trusted care and support workers near you.

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Do you want someone to organise your support? Sympa Care helps coordinate your needs with other professionals such as doctors, school principals, consultants, case managers etc., who are involved in your life or that of a loved one. You'll get professional advice from people who know what's best for you.

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Do you want to be part of a community? Sympa Care connects you to a network of individuals, groups, organisations and agencies which provide information, education or advocacy on disability issues or offer opportunities for social interaction.

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