10 Reasons Why You Should Know About Access Community Services

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Access community services allow people with disabilities equal opportunities to work, live, and enjoy their social lives. If you feel hindered because of your disability, here are 10 reasons why you should know about access support services:

  1. Live an independent life

Personal support services are non-medical in nature. These services help you lead an independent life with support from caregivers.

  • Help your pursue hobbies

You can pursue hobbies like Swimming, Yoga, Art, Music, etc. with assistance of support providers. 

  • Continue education or getting a job

Complete your studies or find a job as the services are meant to help you lead an accomplished life. 

  • NDIS funded

Access community services are NDIS funded. If you are an NDIS participant, you can benefit immensely from these services.

  • Travel assistance

The support providers will provide travel assistance so that you can travel safely without the help of your family members.

  • Attend social events

These services help you to visit friends, go to a restaurant, or go to the movies all by yourself.

  • Participate in community activities

You can access the gym, go for park and nature walks, or attend community events under the supervision of support givers.

  • Go for shopping

You can go grocery shopping, visit malls, or local markets with your personal support provider.

  • Attend medical appointments

Visiting doctors and going for allied medical services can be managed easily with the help of your support coordinator.

  1. Travel alone

Access community services help establish your confidence to use public transport independently.

Access Community Services

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