How to become a NDIS home care provider?

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NDIS home care providers are the best when it comes to providing special care for your loved ones who are dealing with some sort of disability. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides necessary funding and support to people who have permanent or significant disabilities. NDIS home care provides offers personalized care to every individual that helps them to lead a happy and normal life. Independent support coordination functions within NDIS to manage the support and providers hired.

Task took by an Independent Support Coordination  

  • Help in choosing the support and providers
  • Collaborate with the plan manager for the allocation of funding
  • Connect with community service 
  • Manage the service arrangement
  • Assist in plan renewal

The process to become a NDIS care provider

  1. Checking the eligibility

Checking your eligibility is the first step to becoming a NDIS home care provider. To check your eligibility either browse the official website of NDIS or give a call to the commission. Confirm the services you will provide and undergo the national screening process. Do upload the relevant documentation needed to check your eligibility. 

  • Fill out the online application form. 

This is the next step where you need to provide all your details that would including your contact details and complete detail about your business. Also, choose the registration group and complete the assessment. 

  • Auditing

After submitting the form, you will have to undergo either a ‘verification’ or ‘certification’ audit. You will get an email from the NDIS commission regarding the audit. 

  • Get your application assessed

In the last step, the NDIS commission will assess your application and also review your audit. If your application gets selected you will get the certification of registration with all the details. In case of non-approval, you have the chance to request for review from the NDIS commission. 

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