What Are The Six Standards That Apply To Disability Service Providers?

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Disability service providers around Australia offer services to disabled people. To ensure you get the best services, there is a set of rules or the Standards that Melbourne disability support services must follow.

Here are the 6 Standards that apply to disability service providers:

Standard 1: Rights

This rule talks about your right to be treated fairly when you use disability support services. The service provider must provide the help you need and keep you safe.

Standard 2: Participation and Inclusion

This rule encourages you to participate in the community so that you feel included. Melbourne disability support services must support you to participate in the community. They must honour and regard your cultural background while delivering services.

Standard 3: Individual Outcomes

This rule supports you to work towards your goals by making the right choices. The service providers must empower you to make choices and obtain support to meet your goals.

Standard 4: Feedback and Complaints

This rule allows you to share your feedback about the services you receive. The service providers must be responsive to your feedback and make changes to improve their service.

Standard 5: Service Access

The rule is about easy access to the services you want. Melbourne disability support services must explain how to use the service, what are the options available and how to leave the service.

Standard 6: Service Management

This rule directs proper management of the disability services. The disability service providers must hire well trained staff and have a good system to manage the safety and finances of their staff.

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