Role of service providers for Disability

Independent disability services

Today, disabled people are living their lives with confidence and enthusiasm due to excellent support being provided to them by service providers.

Service providers for disability whether functioning as an organization, service group or agency  are working with the sole objective to provide specialized care to disabled people in areas related to employment, health, education and work.

All service providers within Australia are working as per the guidelines and framework developed by the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). The NDIS has helped give peace of mind to all families within Australia who have had a member acquire any permanent or significant disability.

These service providers are charging a nominal fee for their services and this includes day time as well as night time support and care services. The NDIS overnight rate is charged for the disability services support worker spending time with the disabled person during odd hours of sleep.

Service providers for disability play a crucial role in helping disabled people and following are some of the ways in which they assist them:

  1. Helping disabled people with income support and income supplement.
  2. Providing employment support and rehabilitation support.
  3. Providing community access services.
  4. Managing funding plan.
  5. Managing some generic support services including rehabilitation and access to various health programs.

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