Five ways to benefit from Disability Support Coordination

Access Support Coordination

Disability support coordination which is currently being provided by a host of disability support companies and independent disability service providers in Australia are certainly turning out to be a boon for those who are living with any form of disability.

Disability support coordination can be broken down into different areas and this will help people with disability to understand the different services being provided as well as go for what is best for them:

  1. Support Connection – the most basic service wherein disability companies provide assistance linked to a plan, linking with other providers as well as monitor progression of a plan.
  2. Support Coordination – providing assistance to the active plan and addressing any challenges and bottlenecks in the process.
  3. Specialist Support Coordination – is for those people who require more individual attention and thus a specialised framework to address special high-level risks and needs.

Now, let us look at few of the benefits that one can expect from disability support coordination:

  1. It can help to negotiate service agreement with providers which includes discussion and closure on pricing as well.
  2. Disability support coordination allows a disabled person to use someone to book appointments on their behalf and make necessary bookings as applicable.
  3. Assist in providing coaching and support to determine the best way to utilise your funds as per the chosen NDIS plan.
  4. It gives support to manage service disruptions and give alternative options when regular services are unavailable.
  5. Give assistance to prepare for planned review meetings including reports and assessments.

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