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Melbourne disability services

Support Coordination and specialist support coordination services for disabled people in Melbourne city requires most of the service providers to ensure that they have highly trained staff who can manage the expectations and aspirations of disabled people.

Today, Melbourne disability service providers who are working as per guidelines issued by the NDIS (national Disability Insurance Scheme) and NDIS Act 2013. Access support coordination services provided by all such service providers is as per decisions formed by the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Scheme). The NDIA decides the criterion which determines the support and services which need to be considered appropriate for the NDIS to fund.

Access support coordination services and Melbourne disability services help the participants:

  1. To connect with the NDIS and other available support channels.
  2. To give access to broker support and services as per the participant’s budget.
  3. Augment their capacity and overall capability to manage their plan effectively.

Melbourne disability services offered by the different providers help the disabled person’s long-term goal and aspirations by understanding their circumstances and their needs.

There are three levels of access support coordination services which can be taken up by a participant in Melbourne as well as other cities of Australia which includes:

  1. Support Connection – to support the participant to understand their plan and connect with NDIS providers in their local community.
  2. Coordination of Supports – to provide a mix of supports to help participant manage tasks and maintain relationships confidently.
  3. Specialist support coordination – to cater to a specific and particular need of the participant.

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