What are the Access to Community Services?

Community Access Support Services

Community services address the needs and demands of a specific set of individuals which includes:

  • Senior Citizens
  • People with disabilities
  • People with housing issues
  • People in crisis
  • People living in remote areas
  • People with specific health or medical problems

People facing any kind of disability might be requiring immediate and/or long-term access to disability home support services however may not be completely aware of the process.

Proactive access to community services by individuals needing disability services will largely depend upon the speed, availability and ease of the manner in which they are given assistance and cooperation by independent disability service providers as well as government bodies and departments such as NDIA.

People looking for disability home support and who thus need access to community services need the following:

  1. Clear and comprehensible information along with regular support and care.
  2. Effective treatment to their issues and a team of professionals whom they can trust.
  3. Fast access to reliable and effective care.
  4. Emotional support, empathy and respect.

Companies, as well as reputed independent disability service providers, give access to community services for the disabled in many ways including:

  • Organizing taxi and cabs via Ola and Uber to arrange a comfortable and safe commute for disabled people
  • Taking disabled people to visits within their local area including parks and amusement zones
  • Arranging for a shopping trip to various outlets
  • Attending weekend shows and events
  • Instil confidence to commute via public transport
  • Arranging for visits to local attractions and activities

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