Sympacare Response to Stage 4 Restrictions

Sympacare Response to Stage 4 Restrictions

As this is a time of rapid change, we want to keep you informed about important updates affecting you and your health and safety. This may mean you receive a greater than usual number of communications from us.

We know this is a hard time for everybody, and we thank you for your patience and commitment.

In line with the latest Government directives, eye protection or face shields are now mandatory for all Disability Support Workers. This PPE is to be worn in addition to face masks.For instructions on safely removing and cleaning face shields, refer to this document from the Department of Health. You can read more about safely using PPE here.

PPE Packs are on the way to all our support staff

Given the way things are moving, we are sending out PPE packs via priority courier to all Disability Support Workers. These packs include:

2 Face Shields

50 Pack of Disposable Face Masks

Large box of Gloves

Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant Wipes – Travel Pack

DHHS Face Covering Advice for Community Service Workers

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