What is role of Independent support coordinator?

Access Support Coordination

There are disability support companies in Australia whose core work centres around providing emotional, physical and mental support to the disabled and further help them to connect as well as interact with their society and community effectively.

An independent support coordinator is a highly qualified professional who helps to provide support coordination for NDIS participants in such a way that it helps to maximize their choice and control. Independent support coordinators are part of disability support companies and are fully trained to work with people across varying age groups as well as different support needs.

The role of an independent support coordinator is multifaceted and includes:

  1. Build Connect – one of the most important roles of a coordinator is to act as an intermediary between the participant and his or her community. They help the participant acquire knowledge about his local area and also gain awareness about different support systems available to them.
  2. Initiate Support – it is the primary responsibility of an independent coordinator to explain all available options to a participant. The coordinator is also required to create a support and action plan and further assist the participants to implement that plan to their satisfaction.
  3. Coach – an important job of the coordinator is to mentor the participant and also guide them through different obstacles as well as give them feedback on their progress.
  4. Resolving Crisis – they must also help participants during times of crisis and help build a strong and resilient support network.
  5. Attend planned meetings and set clear expectations – this is especially useful in the beginning stage to help participants know what they can achieve in-line with their funding allocation.

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