What type of Disability Support Services in Melbourne?

Disability Home Support

Living with a disability should not be an impediment to live life in the same way as everyone else in your community and city. Today, the main goal and focus-area of disability service providers in Melbourne is to ensure that disabled people get to associate with their locality and environment in the most effortless manner and are able to even fulfil their careers and work aspirations comfortably.

There are a variety of disability support services available in the city of Melbourne as on date. All the various disability service providers operating in the city are working under the guidelines specified by the NDIA – National Disability Insurance Agency whose primary role is to implement the NDIS which is the National Disability Insurance Scheme for all disabled people.

Here is a list of the most common type of disability support services Melbourne being provided by most of the disability service providers in Melbourne as of today:

  1. Workplace adjustments – wherein the service provider helps an individual with disability to accommodate himself or herself with their surroundings and peers. More importantly, the disability service provider supports the individual when they come back to work after a long absence due to treatment and give them confidence to work and adjust appropriately.
  2. Continual Health Support – it is an important aspect of disability support service wherein the provider gives health assistance to people with disability via their own team of therapists, psychologists and physiotherapists as well as by partnering with some of the professional health services in the city.
  3. Providing Financial Support – which includes having a financial counsellor to assist in making financial plans and manage finances, bills and monetary activities.

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